Monday, February 23, 2009

back to hair!

I did a couple cute do's on the older girls today that I just love! For Alia I just did 2 4 strand braids (I didn't know how to do these and just learned this morning. LOVE them!) but I think it looks so cute on Alia. Ann-Elise did NOT want to cooperate and didn't even want me to do her hair, but I told her she didn't have a choice. I think her hair may be my favorite that I've done on her. SOOO cute! Although, you can tell by the pics she wasn't happy with me!


Brynn said...

Very cute, even with the "attitude" coming out! I've been so excited, Chay's is finally long enough for me to do 2 french braids, joining them in the middle, super cute!

mimi said...