Friday, February 13, 2009

OK, now I'm just looking for praise!

Not really! But if you know me at all. I DO NOT DO HAIR! Seriously. You can probably count on 1 hand how many times I've actually done something nice for my kids hair. It just doesn't happen. With that being said, I've been having a blast this week! However, knowing my ADD, this little "hobby" isn't going to last long, so lets just ride the wave. If history is any indicator, you won't have to bear this much longer! BUT here are the pics from todays hair:

The back of Ann-Elise's hair

I know this is blurry and we still have the problem of her not being able to keep her eyes open EVER when I take a picture of her!

Front of Alia's hair

Alia's double hearts.  Apparently she had told everyone at school that she was going to have hearts in her hair today.  So this morning, she came to me asking me to do her hair!

As for yesterday...  My amazingly wonderful friend Mary took the little girls for a few hours and even did their hair for me.  Mike stayed home from work (well, he worked from home) so that I could get some rest.  After I woke up, I felt amazing.  Still not 100%, but at least alive!  Also, on Wednesday night, another of my amazingly wonderful friends, Lisa, brought us dinner.  What an amazing treat.  It was great to know that I didn't have to move and my family would still eat!  Thanks everyone!


Brynn said...

I'm impressed! LOL Maybe, just maybe you'll turn into "me" & this won't just be a passing hobby. BUT at the same time, I think doing hair was inbred into me! Remember when mom watched that girl Lisa, I would sit for hours & hours & come up with hairstyles. I taught myself how to french braid on her hair. I STILL love doing it!

Don't forget to take pics of Leise's hair tomorrow so I can at least feel like I'm there. Tell her Congrats for us & that we wished we could share her special day with her. Love you guys!

mimi said...

You are AMAZING!...It takes talent to do those do's:)
Happy Valentines Day!Congratulations to your little one on her baptism! I hope it's a very Wonderful day for you all!!!:)

Ethington Family said...

Who cares if you are looking for priase, that deserves it. I have never even attempted something that complex. Good for you!! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!