Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful post #6

Mike's work is having some sort of party tonight.  It doesn't happen often and I really like to go when it does.  I've known about it for a couple weeks.  For the past few days I've been trying to work out the schedule for the kids so I can be gone for 5 or so hours tonight.  Here's what I've got...

*Drop kids off at school in the morning.
*Visiting teaching at 11.
*Bank run at some point.
*Clean kitchen/house.
*Pick up Conner, Adrie and Caile from school, along with a wrestling pal of Conner's.
*Drop the boys off at NM for wrestling practice
*Ann-Elise goes home with Ali to get a ride to Activity Days
*Alia has basketball, so she gets a ride to basketball with a friend.
*I leave at 4:15, so neighbor girl comes over to watch Adrie and Caile until Conner gets home at 5:15.
*Conner gets a ride with a wrestling buddy and home at 5:15
*Alia gets a ride home with a neighbor from basketball and home by 5:45.
*Ann-Elise (after 7 phones calls trying to find someone) gets a ride with a neighbor and at home at 5:45
*Conner and Alia get picked up for mutual at 6:50
*Ann-Elise, Adrie and Caile run over to the neighbors when the big kids leave
*neighbor has to run to pick up her daughter (the one's who's supposed to babysit) at 7:30
*Conner and Alia get home from mutual at 8:45
*Little girls come home from neighbors and everyone gets ready for bed.
*I'm home by 9:30

However, I just got a phone call saying that Alia's basketball game is now at 5:10 instead of 4:00, which leaves me needing to:
*find a new ride for Alia straight from basketball to the church for mutual
*find a new ride for Conner to Mutual because he won't go with the lady who's supposed to pick him up by himself
*Call and let Didi know that I only need her to bring the kids home tonight, not pick them up

AND, I still have to work on my carpool for tonight.  Although, at this point, I may just say forget it and drive myself.  Who cares if it's 15.00 in gas to get there!

whew.  I'd better win the big raffle prize!

So, today, I'm very grateful for NEIGHBORS!  Those who selfishly serve others (me).  I'm so blessed to live in a place and be surrounded by a community who truly cares for others and serves willingly and selflessly.

In the midst of this chaos, I see many blessings.  Thank you!

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