Monday, December 15, 2008

An early white Christmas

Because we are going to be away for Christmas, we decided to open our family gifts early. We weren't sure when exactly we would be able to do it. However, we woke up yesterday to beautiful snow falling. We missed church and decided that after the kids had played outside all day, it would be nice to spend a quiet evening at home opening presents. 

Mike with his new digital frame
Conner got a new Nerf accessory that he had to try out.  Looks like it works pretty well!
Alia got the digital camera she's been begging for.
Adrie with her "Fancy, Fancy Nancy" doll.
Caile with her new baby doll.  She can take it in the bath.  It's so cute.
Conner got 3 new air soft guns
Ann-Elise with her American Girl doll.
Caile ready for the snow.
Caile out in the snow.  She was good for about 10 minutes!
The scene in the morning.  Just as the sun was rising.  Beautiful!  I love it before all the tire tracks and foot prints!


Ethington Family said...

that is all fun, but what did you get? What no picture document for that? Glad you all had a great day. Take care and have fun in the snow while you can.

1boy4girls said...

That's because there were no gifts for me. Mike bought me a new camera a month ago, and I didn't want to wrap the box seeing as how I've been using it!

Brynn said...

So... what did Leise Girl say about her "twin" doll? Was she as excited as you were hoping?