Sunday, December 21, 2008

The first few days of vacation

Ann-Elise on the cool dragon slide
Alia taking a minute to pose
Adrie again (oops, I thought one of these were of Caile, my bad!)
A rare pic of Conner actually smiling!
One of the visitors that we see in the back yard.
Caile, the water baby
All the kids at the rest stop outside of San Diego
Alia and Ann-Elise burning off some energy.
Our carry on luggage for the flight.  Looks fun, right?

We flew into Ontario California on a late evening flight, stayed the night at my cousins house and then headed out in the morning for a 4.5 hour drive to Yuma.  We stopped at a rest stop along the way, just outside of San Diego and let the kids burn off some energy.  Of course, as soon as we hit grandma and grandpa's house, they were in the pool!  As were they every afternoon after!  Yesterday Mike and grandpa took the kids to a really cool play area by the Colorado river.  The kids LOVED it and we're looking forward to going again!

Of course, we're missing the 8 inches of snow at home, but we're loving the sunshine here in Arizona!


Brynn said...

I'm lovin your new camera, I actually get to see pics of the kids! I'm glad you're having fun even though Mother Nature changed your plans.

Ethington Family said...

so glad you guys are having fun and that you are taken pictures for us to look at. I'm like Brynn, I love pictures.