Friday, December 5, 2008

I believe in miracles!

I have a wonderful friend who was divorced about a year and a half ago.  She has 2 young children.  She has a jerk of an ex.  She has gone through hell and back in the past 6 months.  Without going into detail, I have been able to sit through a few court dates with her.  Yesterday was the latest.  She has really been given the run around.  Her ex is a smooth talker.  She is emotional.  However, yesterday the judge was able to see through all the "stuff" that the ex was slinging (in a very eloquent way) to the heart of my friend and actually see what was really going on.  Now, as I was sitting there, I was NOT objective.  I wanted her to see justice, but after listening to him talk, I didn't know how that would be possible.  He made his case sound sooo good.  Luckily, through answered prayers and nothing short of a miracle, she was able to walk away with more than she could hope for (for now).  I know that the judge was inspired to rule the way she did and am so grateful that my friend finally can see things move in her direction.  Her situation is far from settled, but for now, it's more than she could hope for!  As we walked out to the car, both of us with tears in our eyes, we knew that we had just witnessed a miracle!


Brynn said...

WOW, what an incredible moment for both of you. *I'M* sitting here with tears in my eyes & I don't even know everything that was going on! What an incredible friend you have been to her through all of this.

Ethington Family said...

I am so happy for her... both of you actually, since I know you felt some of her joy. You're a good friend Becki!