Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm DONE!!!

My Christmas shopping is done!

Well, maybe..

We're heading down to Arizona for Christmas, so we aren't doing a huge Christmas.  Plus everything needs to be small enough to actually ship down there and back without costing more than Christmas alone!  I'm very excited about the gifts for all the kids.  I think they are going to love them.  We're doing one big family gift and then each of the older kids get 1 item and the babies are getting a couple nice (but small) things.  Mike got his blu-ray player and something else (I'm not telling) and I got my ipod player (and maybe a Cricket, not sure about that yet).  We're done!  Other than a few things for my parents and family down in AZ I'M DONE!!!

Man that feels good!


Brynn said...

I'm right behind you, we're about 95% done at this point. I know what I'm doing, it's just a matter of going & picking them up. YAY!!! Now I can really enjoy the season & not stress about the gifts.

Rebecca said...

Oh, man if you get a cricket I want to be your best friend (kay) Good for you I am almost done too. I got everything wrapped I just need to get a couple things and that's it. Yeah...see you soon.
PS we need to exchange #'s on sunday