Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Friday!  It's so much fun to get up early and fight crowds and get what you want.   Ok, I don't really enjoy getting up early and I hate mean people.  But it's still tradition and I do love it!  This year I went all by myself.  I actually enjoyed it.

I started at Walmart.  I got there a little early.  I found what I wanted first (after wandering the store to try to locate where it was!).  Unfortunately, it was something that I was getting both the little girls and I was only able to get one.  Then I headed to the electronics.  Score for me.  I picked up a Blue Ray Player.

Next I headed to Target.  Apparently their sales started at 6 and it was just 5:30, so I left there and headed to Fred Meyer for the half price socks!  I love half price socks!  I also picked up a cool ipod alarm clock for me and another of the things for the girls that I only got one of at Walmart (get that?).  They actually had an even better deal than Walmart.  Oh well.  I found a cute jacket for Alia too.  She's the only one who didn't get a new coat this year, so I thought that I'd bring one  home.

I finished up got home by 6:50.  Mike and Adrie were the only one's awake, and they were still in bed.  Soon after Alia woke up and I had her try on the jacket.  Too small.  Of course!  I decided to take the girls into the Fred's in Canby and return the jacket and try to find another one.  Adrie just HAD to go with me.  UGH!  Never again!  Anyway we picked up a few more pairs of socks and a new jacket.  Back home we went.

Conner earned some money for good grades and he wanted to go to the store to spend it.  I jumped at the chance to go somewhere else!  We headed back to Walmart.  I picked up a few more small things for the babies and Conner got this really cool Nerf gun thing.  Then back home.

I decided to go to Target to see what they had going on there, even though I missed the early bird sales.  Conner and I went under the pretense that I needed cough medicine and he could get some more Nerf darts for his gun.  I found a cool doll for Adrie (love Fancy Nancy!) and a few more things.

Then I took Conner to pick up his new glasses and we headed home.  Whew.

Oh, and I forgot that in between shopping Adrie had a request.  She wanted her hair cut like Cailes.  OK!  Here're the pics!


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Ethington Family said...

becki- I believe I missed you at walmart. I didn't say I didn't have fun. I should have made sure it was in there that I did. It was just different from anything I've done. No, not true, it felt like it does when you go to a really really good yard sale and they haven't opened yet, and you see everyone eyeing what you want. it was fun and I met some nice people as well as talked to some nice worker and saw some of our good friends. That made it all the more fun and worth it. I did get some good things too. So what lines were you in and what time did you get there? I can't belive you made it to target by 5:30. I didn't get done checking out from walmart until 5:45.
Anyway, I did have fun. and no one was mean to me at all, it was just interesting seeing people get testy with each other. I had a smile on my face just ready to burst into laughter because I found it all a little funny. OH, I love the new hair cut!