Friday, November 14, 2008

31 Things I Know... (thanks Rebecca!)

1.  I HATE public schools
2.  I love private schools
3. The state of our country honestly scares me
4.  I know I could be better
5.  At everything
6.  I love my husband more than myself
7.  I'm looking forward to my kids being gone and it's just Mike and me
8.  I love the gospel
9.  I need to be more diligent
10.  In a lot of things
11.  I'm not a very good mom
12.  I want to be a good mom
13.  I love my kids
14.  I don't deserve the life I have
15.  I'm not a very positive person
16.  I really don't like that about myself.
17.  I try to be a good friend
18.  I want to be a better friend
19.  I am totally spoiled
20.  I like being able to help others
21.  I wonder what I'm going to do with myself when my kids are all in school (next year!)
22.  I wish I knew my mom better
23.  I have a lot of issues
23.  I like being good at things
24.  There aren't very many things I'm good at
25.  I love to laugh
26.  I don't do it often enough
27.  I love to travel
28.  I have an amazing (and huge) extended family
29.  I know that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior
30.  I love teaching my sunday school class
31.  I wish I was a better teacher

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Ethington Family said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, you're awesome!