Thursday, November 20, 2008

For my sister...

I went out for a walk this morning.  Mike was gone before I even woke up (what's new there?).  I needed breakfast.  Even though my the clock said it was 9:30, my body was telling me something different!  I headed out to find a nice little cafe that I could have a muffin and a steamer (shh, don't tell the girls, they love those!).  Picked up my food and headed down to the water to eat.  Just a short walk across a small park.

Here's the view right across the street from our hotel.

And I know that this pic is blurry (gotta love this camera!  My new one did come, btw, just YESTERDAY after we left for Florida.  Oh well!) but I thought this little squirrel was so cute!


Brynn said...

WHOO-HOO!!! I'm so proud to call you my sis! LOL I can't believe you not only took pics, but them you "dedicated" this whole post to me, now that is love! LOL

Looks like you have a beautiful view, hopefully you'll have great weather while you're gone & you'll be able to enjoy it. Don't forget to take pics of the "ghosts" for me.

Ethington Family said...

what a darling person you are! Thank you for the nice comment btw. I appericate your sweetness. I am glad you are having fun and taking pictures to boot.