Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alia's fun day

Last Friday Alia had an amazing experience.  Every fall, her school does a fundraiser.  The highest sellers are awarded a "Limo Lunch".  The kids are able to pick one friend and they all travel to the posh, 5 star restaurant called McDonalds and are treated to a happy meal.  

No, Alia was NOT the high seller, but she does know how to pick her friends and her good friend Madison invited her to come along.  So, they were picked up last Friday in a stretch limo.
Me, being the bad mom that I am, didn't go to take pictures.  But I also know how to pick my friends and was able to have some pictures given to me by the good parents who did go.


Brynn said...

Ok, your last comment is hilarious! Yeah, someone's gotta make sure your kids get their pics taken! LOL

Looks like Li had a ton of fun!

Ethington Family said...

How fun for her.
I hope you have a blast on your trip!!!