Monday, November 17, 2008

Beautiful Girls


Yesterday we had some visitors at church with us.  My mother in law, Janet is staying with us from Arizona for a few days and my parents decided to come out and visit for the kids primary program.  My brother, Bryan, is moving to Hawaii next week so we were planning on a nice family dinner.  Anyway, regardless, I had found a really good deal on a couple dresses for the older girls on Saturday and thought I could dress everyone up.  Adrie and Caile both had older dresses that matched what the older kids were wearing, so they were able to wear those and feel special too!  Here are a couple pics from our little "photo shoot".  Notice that Conner is no where to be found.  He was NOT cooperating, so I kicked him out!  Why is there always one to ruin the fun???



Brynn said...

I love these pics, even if Conner was being a snot!

Caile is a doll, I love her hair short, are you going to leave it that way?

Rebecca said...

Oh..... I just want to pinch those little cheeks... she is so darn cute! And thanks for sharing your mom yesterday... I really thought she was nice.