Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just another average day

6:15 wake up.  Make sure Conner's showered and ready for school.  Homeworks in his bag and teeth are brushed.  Oh, don't forget breakfast and a snack.

7:25 carpool comes.  He's out the door.  Alia's up and showered.  Has even eaten breakfast.  Love that girl.  I'm very proud of myself because I remember that she has activity day girls today, so I need to write a note for the new bus stop.  Leise comes downstairs and isn't feeling well.  Great!   I get her some tylenol hoping that kicks in and I can send her to school.  Adrie's up and screaming for something/or everything.  Cailes  up and acting like Adrie.  Demanding sippy cups, breakfast, a bath, clothes...

8:20 Alia leaves for her bus stop.  Leise's back in bed.  I have a few minutes.  Let's see... Conner has a half day and I need to take a dessert and a salad to his school for the teacher conferences.  I need to get that done this morning, or it won't happen.

9:00 start salad stuff.  Easy enough.  Get desert done and cut into pieces so I don't have to take me good pyrex pan.  Girls are now bathed, however only one of them is dressed.  Oh no.  Caile decided to use the family room floor as her new potty (can you guess who wasn't dressed?).  I find this amazing because that child WILL NOT go potty in the toilet for the life of her.  Great.  Another bath for her, scrubbing of carpet and more laundry.  Really, what's a little more?  

9:30 kids are quiet, salad's made, dessert's ready.  Shoot, Missionaries for dinner.  Ok, when do I have time to get that ready?  Oh and one can't eat white flour (WTH?) so I have to make whole wheat noodles for the chicken noodle soup.  Uh, OK.  Never tried that, but what the heck?  

10:00 Leise pops her head up and comes to eat some food.  Poor thing.  And I think the Tylenol is FINALLY working.  Although a little too well!  Finish getting Adrie ready for school.  Caile totally dressed and me showered and dressed.  

11:45 load everyone, all food plus report card in the Suburban and drive Adrie to the bus stop and wait for the bus that is, of course, late!  Then rush to St. Luke's to do the afternoon pickup.  Wait in the long car line get 4 kids and take off.  Drop Caile off at her friend Zach's house and run back to town to drop the extra carpool kids off.  Rush to our house so Conner can grab some lunch then back to St. Luke's.

12:40 arrive back at the school.  Oh yeah, they have a book fair, let's go check it out to kill a couple minutes until it's our turn for conferences.  After picking up a book for Conner we go down the hall to his room.  His teacher is just getting back from lunch and can take us early.  Whoo hoo!  Conference went great.  He's great, school's great...

1:20 back to pick up Caile from her friends house and back home.  I neglected to grind the wheat in the morning, so I need to start that.  Dang it.  I need more spinach for the salad.  Quick stop to the store before running home.  I just love going to the store with children!  It's awesome!  After 400 can I have this, or this looks really cool, and 400 "mom glares" we're out the door with our spinach.

2:3o back home and I get Leise grinding the wheat.  Ok, so it's just an attachment to my kitchen aid, so all she has to do is watch, but it kept her entertained!  I start the dough for the pasta.  Easy enough.  But I'm not sure how well this is going to turn out!

3:00 I'd better start the soup so I don't have to rush it.  Chop all the carrots and celery and my very favorite thing in the world to chop, onions.  Seriously, this is the worst thing for me.  I do this "onion dance" and cry.  My kids think it's the funniest thing.  Next time Conner can do it.
Oh, and did I mention that as I'm trying to cook, I'm also helping Conner with his homework?  Multi tasking, it's what moms do best!  

3:45 the soup is cooking away at the stove, Conner's still working on homework and Leise is out waiting for Adrie to get off the bus (they won't let her off without someone to get her).  Caile decides that she doesn't need a nap today, so she's a little whiney, but doing ok.  I get the salad ready for dinner with the missionaries.  I spend the next 30 minutes picking up the house some so it looks presentable.

4:2o I get a call from Mike saying that he left work late.  Umm, will you be home by 5:30?  I can't let the missionaries in if you're not here!  Hopefully, but traffic's bad.  Great!

4:50 shoot. I forgot about Alia.  Do I really want to load everyone up and drive over there?  Usually Mike just picks her up on the way home, but that's not gonna work today.  I call my neighbor who's daughter is there too, yep, she's just heading out to get her.  Can she pick up Alia too?  Yep.  Perfect!!!  Conner sets the table for dinner.  Gotta love that!

5:10 Mike gets home, dinner's ready, tables set.  Just need the missionaries!

5:30 missionaries get there, we sit down for a nice peaceful dinner (enter sarcasm here.  Have you ever tried eating with 5 kids 10 and under?  Peaceful DOES NOT describe it!)  Whole wheat eggs noodles are ok.  The soup is still really good.  So, I suppose that's a good alternative, however, I'll stick to white flour when it's just us.

6:15 dinner's done, now it's clean up.  I spend the next 30 minutes getting dinner dishes cleared, rinsed, loaded and counters and table cleaned off.  Conner helps with the table.

7:00 Joe comes over to go out on visits with Mike.  We chat for a few minutes then the guys are off.  I send the kids to get ready for bed.  It's gonna be an early night for them!  They go upstairs and are pretty quiet.

8:00 I get Caile into bed, tuck Leise in.  Head to Alia and Adrie's room.  Adrie is full of something!  She is NOT going to go to bed.  UGH!  Get Alia tucked in and work on Adrie again.  I head back downstairs.

8:30 Adries up and down.  Finally I just yell at her and tell her to go to bed.  I don't see her again!!!  However, I keep hearing all these weird noises.   Bumps and slams and movement.  Honestly, at this point, I don't really care what it is!!!

9:15 Conner comes down and tells me that he's cleaned his whole room.  What???  Who are you and what have you done with my son???  I go upstairs to check it out.  Sure enough.  Perfect.  Amazing.  To "reward" him, I take the time to read with him.  Usually, if he's not in bed at bed time, then I won't read to him or tuck him in.  We read a couple chapters in his book report book and then I hear Mike.

9:45 Mikes in our room, I get ready for bed and spend the next hour watching tv and surfing the net.  Ahhhh, what a fun day.  If only I didn't have to repeat it again tomorrow!


Rebecca said...

We really are long lost sisters!!
I love the potty on the floor, it happens at my house too.
Thanks for sharing and making me laugh in the middle of my day! I love it!

Ethington Family said...

Ohhh, I love bed time!

Brynn said...

I don't understand why you're so tired! LOL

Shelley said...

Now, what exactly do you do all day? haha! I'm exhausted just READING about your day. Your potty on the carpet story pretty much confirms my thinking that I am keeping my kids in diapers for FOREVER!! ;)