Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The dawning of a new day

Regardless of your political beliefs, we will have a new president.

I truly hope that it's all roses as many think.  Really!  However, the beliefs of our new president don't mesh with mine.  That being said, I will support him.

As I was talking with my kids this morning and explaining to them that even though the candidate that we wanted to win, didn't, we still needed to be gracious and respectful to those who's views are different than ours.

(OK, now I get religious, so close me down if you don't want to hear about it, but it is my blog!)

I was telling Conner that our Heavenly Father has a plan.  We need to have faith in HIS direction.  He will have people placed in positions in the world that will allow for the second coming of Christ.  Even if we don't see the big picture, it will be ok.

Conner, bless his heart, said,  "Mom, why doesn't Heavenly Father have things get REALLY bad and then when Jesus comes people will see him and believe him?".

I just said, that's a great plan Conner!  I think that's just what Heavenly Father has planned for us.

So, there you go, the pure faith of a 10 year old!


Brynn said...

Conner is very smart! Yeah, these are definitely scary days ahead. Luckily HF does know what he's doing & has a wonderful Prophet that WE can follow.

Shirlene said...

I'm with you girl! I'm a little scared, for many different reasons. And I'm wondering why dream, and try to achieve, when all of your success will just be taken away so he can "spread the wealth". I'm wondering why we worked and sacrificed to go to law school. I'm very nervous and disappointed. On the good side, first black president.