Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008!!!

I thought, as I'm sitting here watching the ball drop in New York, that I might add some pics of fun things about 2008. However, I just realized that I only have pics on this computer from the past few months. So you just get those!  And you've probably already seen some (most) of these, but they're cute, so too bad!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I hope you have a wonderful 2009!

The sunset from the mirror of the car in Yuma AZ

Mike and the kids at the Yuma Prison (we were just visiting, I swear!)
Adrie and Caile running to the playground.  They actually are the best of friends!

Conner on the peak of the mountain on the Yuma climb.

A very rare sight.  Conner rarely smiles in pictures.  He must have liked the guns!

Yep.  I'd say he liked the guns!

Always photogenic, Alia at the Yuma Quartermaster Supply Depot.

What's better than presents???

Alia on the first day of school.

See, once they did like each other!  I have proof!

Is she gorgeous or what???

HELP!  Me and the kids in "jail" at the Yuma Prison.

There's the 'tude I know so well!

I'm speechless.  She's so beautiful!

In a few years...


Hmmm, that's just Adrie.

Peek a boo, I see you!

Love her!


Brynn said...

Great pics! Chay has that same sweatsuit that Caile has on in the last pic! Too funny!

I can't wait until we can get the kids together again. Conner needs to come hang out so they can all airsoft together!

Ethington Family said...

how cute! I love the pictures!