Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm such a cheater!

I have had SO many compliments on our Christmas Scrapbook that I have to make a confession. My friend, Coral, had this really cool book on her facebook. I just followed the "make your own smilebox" link and signed up for the service (it's free for 14 days, then like $30/year). You pretty much just pick the format that you want (anything from 1-400 picture options are available) and then add your pics. I really liked how well smilebox woked with my Mac. I was able to just open my iphots and then drag the ones I wanted into smilebox and add them to the book. Way easier than other programs that I have attempted to use. Honestly, it took me a lot longer to cut and paste all the email addresses than it did to actually make the scrapbook. You can import your addresses, but it didn't work the first time I tried and I didn't want to mess with it, so I just did it individually. I really loved making the scrapbook and love that I could email it, put in on facebook as well as add it to my blog or even print it out. I loved all of the different themes that they offered and can tell you that you'll be seeing a lot more of these picture books on my blog (and in your email box!). Ok. That's my plug for Check them out!  And I know, I'm such a cheater, but honestly, you know you thought I rocked for a minute there!

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Ethington Family said...

You shouldn't have told, just let everyone keep thinking how clever you are. Hope you are having fun!! mary