Thursday, July 17, 2008




  • the life of the party.  If she can get a reaction, she's all over it.
  • Loves to laugh.
  • Totally addicted to tv.  Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, D-d-d-d-Dora, Go Diego, Go and Max & Ruby.
  • Does not have a quiet button.  It's either as loud as it gets or off (when sleeping only)
  • Loves her friends.  Particularly Zachy.
  • Is totally excited about starting preschool in September.
  • Has a love/hate relationship with "ursery" at church.
  • Has the cutest personality.
  • Is fearless.  If she gets lost (OK, runs away) in a store.  Instead of being afraid, she just runs until she finds us.  No fear.
  • still sucks her thumb.  And I don't care!
  • Loves her "softy" (see above picture).  It's a blanket that I made her before she was born.  She loves it and takes it anywhere we let her.
  • Is beautiful.  Full of fun and excitement.  Amazing.

I find it hard to express things about her in this type of "setting".  Anyone who knows her knows what I'm talking about when I say she's full of personality.  She is definitely different than any of the other kids we have.  She is totally outgoing.  Loves to laugh and make people laugh.  Has the funniest "quirks".  Says the silliest things in the funniest way.  It's very difficult to discipline her because I'm usually cracking up with all of her antics.  She is adorable.  I will definitely have my hands full with this one, but I welcome it!

I love you princess Adie!

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Brynn said...

Yeah, she would be a hard one to spotlight. You did hit it perfectly when you said "full of personality", that she is! She's hilarious & always the life of the party! I can't wait to see her tomorrow. Chay can't wait either!