Monday, July 14, 2008


Alia is having a fun summer hanging with her friends and chillin' at home.  She didn't play any spring (summer) sports, so she's been tagging along to everyone else's activities.  Here are some facts about Alia.



*  is very helpful around the house.  Generally, if she's given a chore, she does it.  Well!  And quickly.  She is an amazing helper when she wants to be.

*loves "girlie" things. 

*is a typical tween.  She loves the latest music and movies and is up to date on who's who.  She's into clothes and frilly fun stuff.

*is a water baby.  She could spend hours in the water.  Either pool or fountain or sprinklers.  Doesn't matter.  If it's wet, she's there.

* is a self starter.  She will get herself up, showered, dressed, fed and ready to go with out anyone even saying a word.  That is a huge help to me because the other 4 are NOT like that!!!

*is very artistic.  She loves the arts.  Whether it's performing in some way, writing, singing or drawing, she loves it and is pretty good at it too!

*loves to be with friends.  She'd have a sleep over every night if she was allowed.

*loves her baby sisters.  Probably more in a motherly way.  She is very good with them and helps to keep them safe.

*has the temperament of her mother.  Not good!  Sorry baby, you got that one from me!  She can turn from hot to cold even before a thought has time to enter her head!

*is a total "Grammy's Girl".  She is the first granddaughter on my side and LOVES to spend time with her Grammy.  Luckily, the feeling is mutual.

*is very photogenic.  She takes the most beautiful pictures.  Even when she isn't trying.

*generally has the cleanest room of anyone in the house.

*loves to eat.  She is not a picky eater and will try anything I ask her too.  Even if she doesn't think she'll like it.  She will generally at least try it.

*is gorgeous!  Well, that actually goes with out saying!

*is an amazing girl.  She takes on the role of the oldest a lot.  Luckily for me, she does it very well.  She has blessed our lives and I'm glad that she was chosen to come to earth and live with our family.

Love you Lollipop!!!


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Brynn said...

Okay cool, now come on, get on with Leise!!!!

I actually thought of you today when a question was asked about girls & if they were like "we" were as parents. I had to laugh when I thought of you & her, about as opposite as possible! You: 100% tom boy, her: 100% girlie girl!!!