Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ann-Elise is your typical middle child.  Always lacking in the attention department.  She is even tempered (for the most part) and extremely bright.  She is enjoying a fun sun filled summer.  She finished her first "real" season of softball and is happy to be at home or playing with friends for the rest of summer.  And though she hasn't admitted it, I think she's looking forward to getting back to school (or is that just wishful thinking on my part?)



*is absolutely gorgeous.  Seriously.  Like perfect.  When she was little everyone thought she looked like a precious moments doll.

*is a super picky eater.  She will eat chicken nuggets and pepperoni pizza.  I'd call her a vegetarian if it weren't for those 2 items!

*is very smart.  Like amazingly smart.  Like, not from me, smart!

*has the sweetest softest voice.  Unless, of course, she's "talking" to her brother or sisters!

*is the only child in our family with dark features. 

*can be very helpful if she thinks that there might be something in it for her.

*can play a mean short stop!

*LOVES to play at the park.

*lives for play dates with friends. 

*loves to giggle and laugh.

*can whine like the best of them.

*learned to ride her bike with very little help from anyone.

*loves to sing and dance.

*is growing up WAY to fast for her mom!

*is a happy, wonderful girl.  Has blessed our home with her steadfastness.  She is very stable in our crazy home!


I love you, wonderful, beautiful Leise girl!!


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Brynn said...

That's my Leise Girl!!! you're right, she is absolutely gorgeous! She knows that too since I tell her every.single.time I talk to her!!! She's such a sweet heart, I can't wait to see her this weekend! I love you Leise!