Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leise's prize paper

I blogged about this a couple months ago.  When I went in to Ann-Elise's school conference in April, she read me a paper that she had written.  I was amazed, as was her teacher.  Honestly, that conference was one of the best memories that I have of the school year.  Her teacher was so excited for her, it was awesome.  What an amazing guy.  And we're lucky enough to have him again this year!!!  Anyway, here's her story.  With her spelling errors and all.  Just remember, that she's 7 and it was 1st grade!


Once upon a time there was a island called the water island.  The island wasn't very famous.  But it was cool because it had 2 islands.  There are 2 people on each side.  It had a hammock.  It was always sunny there.  Nobody knew why.  It was varey mysterious.  Those 4 people went there to discover it.  So they stayed for a couple days.  The 2 girls names were Lora and Katie.  The 2 bos names were Austin and Scott.  Austin and Scott were mean and nasty.  They're never friendly.  One day Lora and Katie wanted to go home so they gathered wood from the tree.  They started to buld a boat.  They finially got done.  So they sailed across the sea.  They days got longer.  The sun got warmer.  Austin and Scott were starving.  They got milk and woter from the coconut tree.  They took a very sharp rock and cracked the coconut.  Lora and Katie were almost there.  The sun was setting.  That was the first time anyone had seen it.  They couldn't wait to get home.  They paddled faster and faster unitl the boat stopped working.  They were like what has happened to the boat.  What had happened was a shark came and was about to eat them but the boat started again and the shark was still chasing them.  It turned out that the shark was the 2 boys Austin and Scott.  Because the 2 boys were chasing them is because the 2 girls had food.  But Lora and Kakie didn't figure it out.  But eventually they figured it out.  They were almost there .  They finially got there.  They ran to tell everbody that they saw the sun go down.  They showed it on tv and they got rick and famous.  But the sad thing is they didn't get to go to school.  They played together.  They worked togethere.  They did every thing together and they all lived happily ever aftor.  The end.


How stinkin' cute is that???  Good job Leise!!!

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Brynn said...

WHoo-Hoo, great job Leise Girl! She must be related to Con, he's my writer.