Monday, July 21, 2008


I know, I'm a delinquent.  I don't mean to be, really.  It just seems that life tends to get in the way of all of my good intentions!  It's late, but here's my spotlight on my baby girl Caile.

baseball08 010


*is beautiful.

*is a very solemn baby.  But when you can get her to laugh, it's a beautiful sound.

*is finally figuring out that life doesn't revolve around her big sis Adrie.  She is capable of making choices too!

*is a sweet little angel, unless she's with the older sis Adrie, and then all heck breaks loose!

*is starting to really talk and it's so funny.

*looks like a fair haired twin to her big sis Ann-Elise.

*doesn't like to eat any food unless it's in someone else's hand.  Even if it's the same thing that's on her plate, she only wants it if you are trying to eat it.

*LOVES "pop".

*LOVES her daddy and mommy.

*can say every one if our family's name.  Mommy, Daddy, Nonner, Eah, Easie, Dwee, Wuby.

*has nicknames that include, but are not limited to, Ruby, Kaze, Kayzie, Rubes, KK, Rubers.

*Loves to be outside playing with her siblings and friends.

*had a rocky start, but it turning into a sweet little angel.  What a blessing she is to all of us!

We love you beautiful Princess Ruby!!!

IMG_4469 DSC_0086

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Brynn said...

Those pics are so cute! Do you really think she looks like Leise? It was nice to see that she didn't scream this whole weekend, she was really good. maybe the "hard" times are behind you now.