Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this message:



Ok, so "we" is actually Conner's baseball team.  And I know that I'm supposed to be posting about Ann-Elise today, I'll do that next!  But Conner asked me last night to put this on the blog, so here it is!


They played last night and started out with their third batter hitting an over the fence home run.  Scoring 2 runs.  It only got better from there.  Conner had an awesome catch in left field in the 3rd innings.  Missed one in the 4th (only because the ball was hit to the fence and he can only run so fast backwards!).  Then finished the night with the final catch of the game.  It was awesome too!  He was in a full on sprint run to the ball then jumped for it and barely caught it.  Let's ignore the fact that we were up by like 8 runs!  It got us out of the game and on to state.  So, now he's in a tournament with the top 12 teams in the state of Oregon.  WOW!!!  Who knew???  These kids are amazing.  Seriously.  They are awesome!!!  Their next game is Thursday morning against a local team that they played during season play.  We beat them both times.  I'm not getting cocky or anything, I just know that they can do it!!!  GO HUSKIES!!!

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Brynn said...

WHOO-HOO, good job Conner! Can't wait to hear how they do on Thursday, how exciting for them.