Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to Civilization

  I know that it's been a while.  I went to Girls Camp last week for church.  It was amazing.  I loved being away from technology.  I did steal a few calls on my cell phone to check in at home, but other than that, it was an unplugged week.  I left Mike at home with the kids.  He took the week off to play with them.  He seemed to manage pretty well and the kids really enjoyed having him home all to themselves.  I was a surrogate mom to 11 teenaged girls.  That was an eye opener!  I don't know if I'm ready for those teenage years.  Actually, the girls in my cabin were amazing.  They all got along very well and seemed to have a blast together.  I enjoyed watching them interact with each other and learned more about each girl personally.  It was a fabulous week that ended with an amazing spiritual night program.  It was nice to "recenter" my life.  However, it was great to come back home.

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Conner is still playing baseball.  He has his last season game tonight.  They may play in the county tournament, so that's more games, but I haven't heard anything concrete on that yet.  Honestly, I'll be glad when his season is over.  He really doesn't enjoy playing and it seems that every game I go to I'm on edge.  It's been a very frustrating season for Conner as well and Mike and myself.  At this point, I just want it to end so he can have some fun and enjoy himself.   The sad thing is that he's very talented and he really enjoys the game, but after this horrific season, he doesn't have any desire to play again.  We're hoping to change that by having Mike coach him again next year.  He isn't having much success with others as his coaches.  I guess time will tell if it's really something he wants to do.


I just signed Alia up for Cheer.  She is very excited.  I should hope so.  It costs more to do that than football and baseball put together for Conner!  Oh well.  I hope she enjoys it.  She should have a uniform fitting this week and then I believe that practices start next month.


Leise is laying low.  She is loving spending the summer playing with her friends (ALL of them!).  She finished softball the week before I left for camp and is glad that that is over.  It was really messing up her social calendar!


Adrie is just Adrie.  She's a crack up.  Full of energy and fun.  Seriously, she is the funniest kid I've ever met.  She's got her crazy little quirks and it cracks me up. 


Caile is talking more and more.  Finally!  Apparently she did great while I was gone.  She was saving up all the whining and screaming fits for me.  And she's been at it full force.  I'm actually looking forward to just being at home with her next year.  I need to get to know her more.


So, I don't know if I have blogged about this or not, but we are trying to get Conner into a private school next year.  Everyone seems pretty confident that he'll get in, but I'm impatiently waiting to hear.  Hopefully we'll find out for sure next month.  The girls are going to stay at North Marion, and we just got word that Adrie was accepted into the private preschool at NM in their afternoon program.  Not my first choice of times, but at this point, I'll take it.  She is so ready for school.  I just don't know if she's going to actually get on the bus by herself!  I guess we'll find out in September!


Oh, on a fun note.  We booked our airline tickets to fly down to so cal and Yuma later this year.  I'm really excited about that trip!  I love to visit my family down there and I'm looking forward to a long, leisurely visit with Mike's parents in a hot climate!  And the idea of NOT driving down there with 5 kids is VERY appealing!


I think that's a pretty good catch up on our lives as of late.  I'll post more if there is anything fun to post.  Oh, and I know that my ticker's been stuck, but I'm hoping to break through that next week!


Ethington Family said...

Good to see you up dated. i haved checked like four times. i'm glad you had fun at girls camp. they are very cute girls! and what "ticker"?

Brynn said...

Bout freakin time you updated!!! LOL

I can't wait to see how it goes next year with only Caile home with you! Too bad we didn't live closer, we could have fun with just the "little girls" during the day.