Sunday, July 13, 2008


This week, I'm going to attempt to highlight each of my kids (mainly to see if I know them well enough :P).  I'll start with Conner.  First I'll update on him, then do some highlights.


His team went on to play in the county tournament this weekend.  Conner's batting position was moved from 12th to 2nd and that seems to have gotten him in the game more.  He's been enjoying himself.  His team did amazingly well.  They lost their first game by 1 run to the league champs.  Then beat the next team in a blow out.  Played again yesterday morning, another undefeated team, lost again by 1 run.  Then went on to play for the 5th place (yes in ALL of the county) and smoked the other team.  So, they have a chance to "play-in" for the state tourney.  They'll play tomorrow night and if they win, they'll go on to the state tournament next weekend.  Go Huskies!!!


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*  is amazing with his baby sisters.  They love him and he takes the time to play with them.  It's really sweet.

*  is an amazing athlete.  He has natural talent that many people only dream of.

*  is super excited to go to a new school next year.  We're trying to get him in to a local private school, and though we think we're "in".  We don't have a definite answer yet.

*  LOVES to be right and wants the final say in ALL things.

*  Is one stinkin' good lookin' kid (even if I do say so myself)

*  analyzes EVERYTHING!

*  has the coolest laugh.

*  tends to take the world on his shoulders.

*  is a fish.  He loves to swim and play in water.

*  has a lot of responsibility being the oldest and only boy of 5 kids.

*  competed in his first "kids triathlon" this summer and is excited to work his way into bigger competitions.

*  is ready to sell his motor cycle to buy a nice road bike so he CAN do said competitions (and some fun rides with mom and dad.)

*  has the world at his fingertips.  If he puts him mind to something he can accomplish it!

*  however, would love to play video games all day, if allowed (which he's NOT!!!)

* is an awesome kid and I LOVE that he's my only boy!  He's definitely enough for me. 


Love you Conner!!!

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Brynn said...

hmmm, I see you liked "my" idea lol.

I would say you DEFINITELY know Conner!!! I can't wait to see what you do for the girls.